Aubella — About


Aubella - 'A collection of handmade jewellery, inspired by minimalism'

Aubella is designed by Audrey in her home studio based in Australia. Her Jewellery is not manufactured or produced by a machine; instead each piece is individually handmade with meticulous care to be custom to your fit.

“The idea behind Aubella came about when my appreciation for simplicity had to be shared. I was inspired by shapes that were simple yet remained elegant. Inspired by minimalism, these handmade pieces created by Sterling Silver is going to provide you with quality and timeless pieces to wear and never take off.” 

- Audrey

We are always looking to collaborate and would love to hear from you! For all the photographers, designers, models and influencers out there, we are looking at you! Either email or send a direct message to our Instagram: @aubella_